Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Almost Time For My Yearly VBS Reviews! Let's Take a Quick Peek at What January Holds in Store For US!!!

Okay! I happily admit as a dear lady I know used to say, "There are two seasons in the year . . . Christmas and VBS! Once Christmas is over it is time to think about VBS and once VBS is over it is time to think about Christmas!" She is soooo right! Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Christmas and VBS, so if there are two seasons to the year then they are two wonderful seasons!:^)

The entire month of January I will be focusing on VBS for 2011. I've been reviewing VBS kits and working on my side-by-side comparison charts for the last month . . . my house practically looks like a book store with VBS nearly everywhere! I am happy about the way 2011 VBS is shaping up - strong, solid Bible teaching and new and unique settings add to the fun - Race Cars, Concerts, Pandas and Cooking in a Cafe' are just a few! January will be lots of fun!

In addition to reviewing the 2011 VBS resources I will also be talking about additional ways to use your VBS kits all year long and how to plan a follow-up for your VBS that truly follows up! Please plan to join in the VBS conversation all month long . . . I look forward to hearing what you think about the 2011 VBS options!

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