Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jesus - the Best Gift ever . . . the Gift of Immanuel, God With Us!

Christmas is all about God’s plan to be with us! He loves us so much He made a way for us to be forgiven so we can know, talk and walk with Him! The more we choose to follow Him and the more we choose to talk with God, the more we will know and walk with Him! It is absolutely an amazing gift from God that we can really be with God! As you celebrate Christmas this year, be sure to remember to thank God for His amazing Gift and how His Gift made it possible for you to be with God!

God sent Jesus, Immanuel, so we can be with God! Because of God’s amazing plan to send Jesus, now we can talk with God! We can walk with God! We can follow and know God! This is definitely something worth celebrating! In the Old Testament Bible Book of Micah, God promised to send Someone Who would bring us peace! Of course in the New Testament Bible Book of Luke we see when this Someone, Jesus is born! The angels told the shepherds about Jesus’ birth and praised God for the peace Jesus would bring. This “peace” with God is now available to us because of Jesus!

It can be easy at this time of year to start thinking about “things” we want as gifts, but we need to remember the most amazing gift we could ever receive has been given to us by God! God gave us the gift of Jesus, Immanuel, so we could be with God!

After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary took Him to the temple. Two people had been waiting all their lives to see the Special Someone God promised to send Who would make a way for them to be with Him like never before. When these two people, Anna and Simon, saw Jesus, they praised God for His amazing love and His plan to be with us! Take time today to praise God like Anna and Simon did - praise God, because He is the King over all and glorify Him for sending Jesus to be our promised Immanuel! Thank God for making it possible for us to be with Him!

What difference does it make for you to know Christmas is a time to celebrate God’s plan for us to be with Him? How does it affect your everyday life if you know God loves you so much, He made a plan for you to be able to be with Him? Jesus, Immanuel, is the Promised Someone Who made it possible for us to know and be with God like never before! There is no better gift than Jesus! As we celebrate Christmas this year, let’s be sure to praise God for giving us the gift of Immanuel, God with us!

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