Friday, December 31, 2010

Selecting the Best "Fit" For Vacation Bible School 2011!

We have been talking all week about the features to look for in a Vacation Bible School so now we are ready to look at specific VBS resources and evaluate each one. Next week begins my Top Ten VBS Countdown for 2011 complete with individual reviews and a side-by-side comparison chart. Consider the following steps for selecting your 2011 VBS -

  •  Sit down with your VBS leadership team and talk about your goals for 2011's VBS and get them on paper
  • Look over my reviews to find the resources that best match your goals and print out my side-by-side comparison chart
  • Find a local Christian Bookstore that is hosting a VBS event. Take the comparison chart with you and go look at the kits you are most interested in. 
  • While you may end up using a kit from the same publisher you used last year, don't automatically assume you will. You may find a kit  from a different publisher is a better "fit" for your goal and ministry this year, so be sure to spend some time evaluating kits before you make your final  selection.
  • Talk with the consultants from the publishers you are most interested in  at the bookstore VBS event and sign out a few kits to take and fully evaluate with your VBS leadership team.
January 3rd through 18th you'll be able to find my 2011 VBS reviews and then I'll give some additional ideas for ways to utilize VBS in your ministry, so as you read the reviews and consider which kit's you want to use, keep in mind you may be able to utilize more than one VBS kit!

Please "like" my facebook button to the right and tell people you know that this year my VBS reviews can be found at For the past four years I've written the VBS reviews for Christianity Today's Your Church Magazine, but since they have ended publication, my reviews are now at "About the Children's Department".

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