Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

One of the challenges of selecting the Vacation Bible School curriculum you will use each year is evaluating and comparing them. Which curriculum has the best theme and scope for your ministry?Which curriculum has the features you want? Which curriculum best fits with your goals? Which curriculum provides the resources you need? Your answer to these questions may very well be different than my answers as there are "No Cookie-Cutter Children's' Ministries" - there is no "one-size-fits-all" VBS.

There are, however; many truly sound and excellent VBS resources available this year so I'm posting my 2011 VBS Side-by-Side Comparison Chart to help you as you search for the curriculum that is the best "fit" for your unique ministry. Use this chart to narrow down which resources look like they will "fit" your ministry. They read my reviews, attend - if possible - a VBS event at a local Christian bookstore, get a couple kits and sit down with your VBS leadership team to look them over and determine which kits will best "fit" your ministry!

As you make your selections, if your budget allows, choose at least two kits to use in your ministry. Obviously use one for your Summer Vacation Bible School ministry, but consider utilizing at least one additional kit in your mid-week ministry, on Sundays in the summer, on Sunday Evenings, for Summer Fun Days, on a Teen Mission Trip or during a Mission's conference - I'll be looking at each of these ideas throughout the week. VBS resources are some of your best curriculum buys each year - in one kit you have lessons for all ages of your children's ministry, music, crafts, games, snacks and more! I love VBS curriculum!

I hope you find my chart helpful as you evaluate VBS curriculum this year. Feel free to print it out and take it with you to your local Christian bookstore VBS event and know, whichever kits you ultimately decide to use, you will find well written resources that will serve as a tool to help you introduce children to Jesus and equip them to grow in their walk with Him!

2011 VBS Comparison Chart


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing the top VBS programs and offering this comparison chart. This will be SO helpful to our small church in choosing the right curriculum this year!

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  3. Thanks so much for such an excellent, helpful resource!

    Here are a few more criteria I am interested in:

    How graded (multi-age groups, preschool, teen, etc.)

    How gospel presented (daily invitation, different aspect each day, subtle references, main emphasis, etc.)

    Style of/Resources for assemblies (skit scripts, DVD intros, chord charts/lead sheets/sheet music available for local worship team, etc.)

  4. Karol, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I love your suggestions and will add them to my chart for 2012!:^)