Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! What Do You Want to Accomplish in Your Children's Ministry in 2011?

Happy New Year! What do you think 2011 will hold for you and your ministry? What are your goals for 2011? You are likely beginning to think about your VBS ministry . . . all this month I will be focusing on the 2011 VBS resources and how to get the most out of them . . . but have you thought about additional goals for your ministry? 

Have you thought about your goals for "Putting Feet to Your Children's Faith" by involving them in opportunities to help and serve others? We are currently highlighting World Help's causelife clean water project as a ministry you could team up with to "Put Feet to Your Children's Faith" - check them out by clicking on their banner to the right. Each month this year I will focus on a specific ministry with a way you can "Put Feet to Your Children's Faith". Think about how you can involve your children in living what they are learning by serving others with some of these ministries. Do you want to plan one service project for the year? Maybe two projects this coming year? What about planning a specific service project each quarter? Think about your goals for 2011 in regards to equipping your children to live what they believe by involving them in service projects.

What are your goals for supporting and encouraging your volunteers in 2011? Last month I talked about different ways you could do exactly this and each month I'll touch bases on how to plan big appreciation opportunities for your volunteers with my countdown to planning a volunteer appreciation dinner in the Spring and a volunteer Christmas open house in the Fall.

Have you considered what your goals are in regards to the curriculum you are using? In March I'll give you a side-by-side comparison chart for Sunday curriculum as well as individual reviews. What are your goals for outreach and family ministry? All Spring I'll share some fun ideas for ways to reach out to families in your church and community all summer long!

What are your goals? How do you want your children's ministry to impact children and families in your church and community in 2011? Take some time to think about this and then join in the conversations here at "About the Children's Department" - I'd love to hear what you are looking forward to in 2011 for your Children's Ministry!

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