Thursday, January 20, 2011

Put "Feet on Their Faith" - Make a Real Difference in the Lives of the People of Haiti with Samaritan's Purse!

With the news reports of former leaders/dictators of Haiti returning, it certainly reinforces the concern about this country, where it is headed, what will happen next and what type of leadership will end up in control. Our current "Put Feet to Their Faith" ministry focus is Samaritan's Purse with special projects to help in Haiti. They were actually on the ground in Haiti offering help and hope just 24 hours after the devastating earthquake and they continue to make a real and measurable difference in the lives of thousands of Haitians. Follow this link for some wonderful pictures showing their work in Haiti over the last year.

Consider involving the children and families in your church with a project to raise money and/or filling Operation Christmas Child boxes for Haiti. Check my post from Monday, January 17th for some ideas on how you can "Put Feet to Their Faith" and involve the children in your church with Samaritan's Purse!

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