Monday, January 24, 2011

Side-by-Side Vacation Bible School Comparison Chart and VBS Reviews

For the coming month bookstores across the country will be hosting Vacation Bible School events - if a store near you is doing this, please take some of your VBS leaders and go! These are wonderful opportunities for you to be able to see, touch and evaluate 2011 VBS resources! Many of these events have reps from the publishers so you can talk to them, face-to-face . . . if you can attend a VBS event, be sure to do so!

Whether or not you can attend a bookstore VBS event, be sure to take a look at my Side-by-Side Comparison Chart and VBS reviews - you'll find them under the VBS 2011 tab at the top. Check sites like Ministry-to-Children and read their VBS reviews to help you narrow down the kits that best fit with your vision and goals for your unique children's ministry and then sign those kits out on consignment from your local Christian bookstore. I strongly encourage you not to order your kits before you have the opportunity to research, read reviews and actually get your hands on the kits to thoroughly review them. While you may end up choosing the kit from the publisher you used last year, you may also find a kit from a different publisher is a better "fit" for your ministry this year; so take advantage of reviews and my comparison chart as you decide which kits to use in VBS and other areas of your ministry in 2011!

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