Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Ten Countdown for Vacation Bible School 2011 - Today's Post . . . "SonSurf Beach Bash" from Gospel Light!

Today is the first day for my Top Ten Countdown for Vacation Bible School 2011; my Top Pick for VBS 2011 will be announced on January 14th, but today we are beginning the Countdown with "SonSurf Beach Bash" from Gospel Light! This year Gospel Light invites you to take your children to the beach where they will explore the wonders of the beach while learning the answers to their biggest questions about Jesus!

SonSurf Super Starter Kit BL (SonSurf Beach Bash)Scope and Sequence
    SonSurf Quick Start Kit BL (SonSurf Beach Bash)
  1. Meet Up! with Jesus - Extraordinary boy Discovered - Luke 2:1-20, 39-52 - Who Is Jesus?
  2. Look Up! to Jesus - Official's son Healed - John 4:43-54 - Why Can I Trust Jesus?
  3. Join Up! with Jesus - Master Does a Servant's Job - John 13:1-17; 19:1-20:18 - Why Do I Need Jesus?
  4. Open Up! to Jesus - Runaway Returns Home - Luke 15:11-24 - How Can Jesus Help Me When I Mess Up?
  5. Fire Up! for Jesus - Jesus Disappears Into the Clouds - Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 1:1-11 - What Does Jesus Want Me to Do?
Theme - Children will catch the wave of Jesus' love as they discover the big answers to their big questions about Jesus!

Strong Points -
  1. Solid Bible Lessons - strong focus on Who Jesus is and the truth that we can trust Him!
  2. I like the creative ideas for "Fun Days" - children will enjoy these and they will add excitement to your VBS!
  3. I love the ideas for "Caught In The Act" - great reminder to leaders to catch children when they make good decisions - are kind to someone, shares, encourages others, etc
  4. I love the Assembly Stunts - Gospel Light did the best job adding enthusiasm to their Opening/Closing by involving children in object lessons/stunts!
  5. I'm very happy to see a station where children are involved in science projects - the Theme Center! Children will love this station and the activities they will participate in while talking about the application of the Bible lesson!
  6. Great craft book - as always Gospel Light once again shows great creativity and imagination with the crafts in their book. I'm happy to see an abundance of options and crafts that reinforce the point of each day's lesson!
  7. Excellent info on decorating and training volunteers
  8. Mission project - Wild Waves Project - the children in your VBS will help reach thousands of children around the world with God’s amazing love as part of the One Million Children campaign (see the website at
  9. I'm very happy to see Gospel Light provides a basic kit option to help make VBS more affordable!
Would Like to See - 
  1. Lessons that intentionally engage children in teaching the Bible lesson. I'd definitely use the dramas over the straight Bible lesson, but there absolutely needs to be more creativity in presenting the Bible lesson in a way that invites children to join in and participate in the teaching of each lesson.
  2. Live-it activities. This curriculum needs things children can do each day to go live what they learned.
  3. I would rather see elementary age children in the music dvd, but am happy to see a good mix of both boys and girls and ethnic diversity in the dvd.
  4. Lower price on the kit if I'm going to have to print so many materials from the cd.
  5. More complete Director's information - specifically information on determining your goal and how to involve and engage special needs children.
If you would like to see a promo video and hear a sampling of SonSurf music, follow this link

Gospel Light is known for providing quality VBS resources that teach God's Word in every station and activity; this year they have done an excellent job with SonSurf Beach Bash! If you'd like to help your children understand the answers to these important questions about Who Jesus Is and if your primary goal for your VBS is evangelism, Gospel Light's VBS is absolutely worth considering. SonSurf Beach Bash utilizes the KJV and NIV. Each and every lesson gives you the opportunity for children to make a decision for Jesus and clearly explains the plan of salvation. This VBS setting would be fun and easy to create at an outdoor VBS for Backyard Bible Clubs, mission trips or VBS in the park. Extremely well done, Gospel Light - thank-you for sending "SonSurf Beach Bash" for my review.

Be sure to come back to About the Children's Department tomorrow for my next review of VBS materials in my Top Ten Countdown for VBS 2011! 

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  1. It's "Beach Bash," not Beach Blast, but the error is understandable! Beach Blast is Lifeway's Club VBS for 2011!

  2. thank you! I've made the corrections! :^)

  3. How would using the dramas over the Bible lessons work? Would it be like a rotation site with different groups of kids, or with all of them together, or how?

  4. instead of telling the bible story in the traditional way, involve the children - give them parts to read in the story. This works with any setting - rotation or large group. by involving the children in reading the Bible story, they will be better able to remember, understand and live it!

  5. Are the dramas you are talking about using in place of the Bible lessons located in the Assembly Skits ?

  6. Hello! The Bible Story skits are in the Epic Assembly book. You could use these, or just take the Bible lesson and make it into a drama - either one where the kids read their Bible "parts" or one where they "mime" the action as you tell the Bible lesson. :^)