Friday, January 14, 2011

Top VBS for 2011 - "Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street" by Standard Publishing!

Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street by Standard Publishing is my Top Pick Vacation Bible School for 2011! This year Standard invites you to take your children to Main Street where they will hear the "stories Jesus told about everyday people and how He turned lives upside-down and their hearts inside-out when He challenged people to look at themselves and others in new and unexpected ways"!

Inside Out and Upside Down on Main Street Vbs Power PakScope and Sequence
  1. Gratitude - the Parable of the Whiny Workers - Matthew 20:1-16
  2. Compassion - The Parable of the Roadside Rescue - Luke 10:25-37
  3. Forgiveness - the Parable of the Shocking Servant - Matthew 18:21-35
  4. Grace - the Parable of the Warmest Welcome - Luke 15:11-32
  5. Faithfulness - the Parable of the Master's Money - Luke 19:12-26
Theme - Children will see how Jesus makes a difference in their lives every day by changing them so they are challenged to talk about Him. They will explore Jesus' parables and see how to put the "Word on the Street" into action and make the choice to serve others - make an "Inside-Out & Upside-Down difference in their world with Jesus!

Strong Points -
  1. Solid Bible Lessons - strong focus on how Jesus makes a difference in children's lives! I love the intentionally creative and engaging intro activities each day and how all the children are engaged in the telling of the lesson by acting out the lesson as another child reads it from the Bible!
  2. I love the Encore Activities where children are again intentionally engaged in an activity to focus on the point of the Bible lesson!
  3. I love the focus on "But what does Jesus say?" - children hear what the world says in response to being treated unfairly, or other situations and then are challenged to turn their lives "Inside-Out & Upside-Down" by choosing to listen to what Jesus says instead! Tremendous!
  4. I love the Critic's Review with the intentional questions designed to help children think through and focus on how they can apply the lesson and have their own life turned "Inside-Out & Upside-Down"!
  5. I love the Crafts and Service Projects Station - this is the perfect point in the morning to involve and engage children in reaching out to and serving their own community and Standard does this very well!
  6. I like the daily "cross" activity in the closing - it intentionally engages children in a simple activity to help them once again focus on the point of the day's lesson and how they can go and live it in their life 
  7. I throughly appreciate the attention Standard gave to covering safety information in their director's manual
  8. Excellent info on involving special needs students, decorating and training volunteers
  9. Mission project - Standard encourages you to select a mission project of your own - you could focus on one of your church's missionaries, a local ministry or even a national ministry like causelife or Samaritan's Purse
  10. I'm very happy to see Standard provides a basic kit option to help make VBS more affordable!
  11. I love the "Home Connection" - ideas to engage the entire family in living the point of each day's lesson
Would Like to See - 
  1. Specific time planned into each day's schedule for children to share how they "lived" the previous day's lesson
  2. More activity that intentionally engages children in the opening assembly
  3. A science project station would be excellent!
  4. I would rather see elementary age children in the music dvd, but am happy to see a good mix of both boys and girls and ethnic diversity in the dvd. If you would like to hear a sampling of Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street music, follow this link.
Standard publishing is known for providing quality VBS resources that teach God's Word in every station and activity; this year they have done a tremendous job with "Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street"! If you want to help your children understand how Jesus' parables really can and will turn the way they think, and therefore their everyday lives, Inside-out & Upside-down and engage them in serving others, Standard's VBS will be a great "fit" for you!  Each and every lesson gives you the opportunity to challenge children to live what they are learning. If you do not select "Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street" for your VBS, absolutely find another setting or opportunity in your ministry to utilize it as your children will have their lives and thinking turned Inside-out & Upside-Down as a result! Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street allows you to utilize any Bible version you choose.This VBS setting would be fun and easy to create either inside or outdoors - the Power Pack includes a variety of excellent decorating backdrops. Tremendously well done, Standard Publishing - thank-you for sending "Inside-Out & Upside-Down on Main Street" for my review.

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  1. Lynda, you fail to mention the absolute most important aspect of a VBS: Jesus Christ and the Gospel! Standard is all about service but they are very weak on the Gospel. Service without the Gospel is moralism and I not interested in white washing tombs.

  2. did you actually sit down and read through the Bible lessons from Standard's VBS? Each day they connect Jesus' parables to His gift of Grace and forgiveness - with particular focus on this day four.

    Clearly one of the primary goals/reasons for VBS is evangelism, but it isn't the only reason. I agree, I'd like to see a stronger evangelistic aspect to Standard's vbs, but another equally important reason for VBS is to equip Christian children so they are able to remember, understand and live God's Word. Service is a very important component of doing exactly that.

    I've written about developing a goal/vision for VBS and it needs to cover both saved and unsaved children as in most cases there will be both at vbs and the summer is a wonderful time to involve children in service to others and vbs can be a great "tool" to help us do that.

    Again, I'd like to see a stronger focus on the Gospel, but each day in Standard's vbs gives children an opportunity to learn of Jesus' grace and forgiveness. I don't believe Standard is "white-washing tombs".

  3. As far as the Bible story, do you like the site-based or classroom-based use of it?

  4. I like the rotation learning station lesson the best!

  5. Thank you for all the detailed work you put into this. I use your website to get helpful info all the time.
    God bless you for this valuable resource to guide children's ministry workers.

    T. Matthews

  6. you are most welcome - I'm so glad you found it helpful! Thank you for reading my blog! :^)

  7. I am trying to find more crafts to do with this program...can anyone help direct me?

  8. did you check with, and

  9. I am so excited about this review! We had chosen this VBS kit back in January and I was just thinking I need a little "blast" of excitement for the station leaders that just signed on. I am forwarding them this blog post today :) Thanks again for everything you are doing!

  10. Brigitte - I'm so glad you found helpful info in my review! I love the way this vbs helps children who know Jesus learn to know Him more and live what they believe by serving others! Check for helpful vbs tips!