Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who is "About the Children's Department" for?

Who am I writing "About the Children's Department" for? Clearly many of the postings deal with children's ministry - curriculum, volunteer recruiting, training, supporting and encouraging. I will have articles about ministry opportunities for families and how to reach out to our community and world with my "Put Feet to Their Faith" postings. Take a moment and think . . . who do you know who serves in children's ministry - as a paid staff and as an unpaid volunteer? Take a moment to send them an email and let them know about this blog!

I'm also writing for parents and grandparents. I will feature two "Family Pick" items each month . . . with the corresponding give-aways! While the "Put Feet to Their Faith" postings are primarily geared to those in children's ministry, certainly parents and grandparents could choose to get involved with the ministries I highlight and model to their children/grandchildren what it looks like to live what you believe and care for others in need! Plus, if anyone should care what curriculum their church utilizes with the children, certainly the parents and grandparents should care. The information I provide on curriculum throughout the year should be of great interest to them. Again, take a moment and think . . . what parents and grandparents do you know? Take a moment to send them an email and let them know about this blog as well!

And remember . . . I sincerely appreciate hearing from you, too! Let me know what you are doing in your ministry with children! What are your greatest concerns? What are your greatest challenges? Let me know and I'll look for resources and information to help!

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