Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family Pick - "joy'n the family" from Rob Biagi!

Don't forget to check out our "Family Pick" . . . Rob Biagi's new cd - "joy'n the family"! Rob Biagi writes and performs Christians songs for kids and their families. In January of 2010 he released his third CD - "joy'n the family" - Rob spelled it this way, "because you are invited to join the family of God, repent and put your trust and faith in Christ for forgiveness of sins, and there is joy in the family of God - we sing, dance, worship and have a blast telling others about His wonderful kindness and love!" joy'n the family has 13 songs - 
If you'd like to hear one of Rob's songs you can watch this clip for "God is workin' on me"!
Rob's songs are sure to get kids and families moving and singing! I like Rob's music because strong messages are the most important thing kids "get" from listening to his cds! The theme to "joy'n the family" comes through loud and clear . . . join God's family and experience the joy in the family! Kids and families will love these songs and enjoy singing them together! Tremendously well done, Rob! Thank you for sending me this cd for review purposes! 


  1. Wow, just followed you over here from a Ministry to Children Forum (though I have stopped by once or twice before). Really great content. I really like the Family picks, and the music on this post is very catchy. Thanks!!

    Lindsey @

  2. Thank you Lindsey! I'm glad you are finding posts of value! :^) I agree - Rob's music is wonderful , . . I'll be reviewing his other two cds in April and May, so keep watching - and be sure to "like" and/or "follow" this blog so you can be entered in the drawings for those cds! :^)