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Keep Your Children's Ministry Before the Eyes of Your Church - Who Do You Want the Children in Your Church to Be When They Are 40?

From time to time I will post articles to help you keep your children's ministry before the eyes of your church. Far too often children's ministry is held away from the eyes of the people of the church . . . parents drop their children off in a part of the building which is removed from the area the adults participate in. Far too often the church service is "designed" to cater to adults without any mention of the children's ministry. And most disturbing, in far too many churches music people are hired before someone is hired to be sure the children's ministry has the vision, passion, plan and priority it needs to have, so the children are effectively and intentionally discipled. Children's ministry matters and we need to keep the children's ministry in the eyes of the church so the people of our church understand and are fully committed to the children's ministry.

I recently read a post by Wanda Parker entitled, "Child Discipleship - Who Do You Want A Child to Be When He Is 40?" and she is graciously allowing me to re-post her article here for you to read. Wanda and I have had some conversations about children's ministry and I want to share a few of her thoughts with you. She said, "Throughout Scripture as well as history, lack of discipleship of children has brought great loss . . . loss of souls, land, peace, etc. If you look at each of the great revivals there is a great decline in the church in the generations which follow . . . why? One can only surmise it is because the children were not discipled. I do believe God will hold us accountable as we stand before Him. Oh the questions He will ask us. the church needs to be involved in the discipleship of children. Parents can't do it alone. God set up the nuclear family to function within the Body of Christ. The nuclear family will one day end . . . the Family of God will never end. Children need to feel a part of the Family of God and they need to learn how God expects them to function within the family of Christ." 

Child Discipleship - Who Do You Want A Child to Be When He Is 40?

As we pray, plan, develop and implement ministry for children do we ever stop and ask who we want that child to be when he is an adult? I believe asking this question will make a big difference in how we do ministry to children. Below is my beginning list. I’m sure it will grow and change – if I've missed something let me know.
  • A fully devoted follower of the Triune God
  • In response to his love for Jesus strives to obey – knowing he will continually fall
  • Daily admits brokenness, yet always sees hope and worth in Jesus
  • Self-talk is an on-going conversation with God
  • Loves God and Loves his neighbor
  • Knows God and Knows His Power
  • A studier of God’s Word  Deuteronomy 6
  • Discerner of Truth – does not compromise Truth
  • Boldness for Christ
  • Evidence of the Fruit of the Spirit in his/her life
  • Walks with God and is Blameless Genesis 17:1
  • Biblical world view
  • Actively involved in a God honoring, Bible based church
  • Uses His Spiritual Gift to the glory of God
  • Recognizes that apart from God he can do nothing of worth


  • God confidence
  • Secure based on relationship with Christ
  • Not fearful of emotions
  • Is able to express emotions in healthy ways
  • Knows Source of healing for woundedness and goes immediately to the Source for healing
  • Full of joy and peace
  • Emotionally strong – able to persevere
  • Able to trust


  • Respect for others
  • Leadership skills
  • Good relationship with parents and siblings
  • Solid peer group of believers
  • Healthy relationship with more mature believers
  • Willing to get involved in the messiness of others’ lives
  • Godly humility in relationships
  • A care for the needy
  • Sexually pure
  • Godly use of finances/resources


  • Biblical World view
  • Mind of Christ
  • A continual learner
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Planning skills
  • Minimum of a high school diploma


  • Treats body as temple of God
  • Makes good choices
  • Dresses appropriately, I Timothy 2:9
Once you know who you want a child to become – how do you get him to that place?
Thank you Wanda for allowing me to re-post this. You can find Wanda's writings at this link. My next post will look at some of Wanda's thoughts regarding how we get children to the place she describes above.

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