Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Put Feet to Their Faith" and Involve Your Children in a Project with Angel Tree Camping!

Are you beginning to plan for summer camp for the children in your church? Camp is an unique opportunity for children to develop relationships with adults who care and with other kids. Children at camp often make important and truly life-changing decisions . . . some become Christians and others learn to grow in their walk with Jesus! Camp is a truly worth-while part of a child's life and children do benefit from going to camp! This is especially true for children whose parents are in prison. Angel Tree Camping can help you expand your summer camping program by helping you include a child from your community whose parents are in prison and who otherwise would not be able to go to camp. You might think it is too difficult or complicated to include an Angel Tree child in your camping ministry, but Angel Tree Camping has simple steps for you to follow . . . this is an opportunity unlike any other which allows you to truly impact a child from your community who is genuinely in need of spending a week at camp. So, as you make your plans for summer camp, plan to also include one or more children with Angel Tree Camping! 

Angel Tree can help you identify a child in your community who qualifies and after you have confirmed which children will be attending camp, you can contact Angel Tree to order tote bags and Bibles for each camper. Once your church receives these materials, members of your church may fill the bags with basic camp necessities - such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, sunblock lotion, bug spray, etc. Assist your Angel Tree child(ren) as they - or their guardians - fill in their camp registration form and any other paperwork the camp and your church requires including medical forms, etc. As the camp date approaches you will want to make sure all the details are finalized and the caregivers are aware of the things a child needs to bring, transportation arrangements, drop-off and pick up times and location, contact information if they need to get in touch with their child while at camp, etc. Making sure everything is in place and the communication lines are open will help ensure a smooth and comfortable camping experience for everyone involved. 

I love Angel Tree and the opportunity it provides us to give a gift at Christmas to a child whose parents are in prison, but Angel Tree Camping allows you to build a relationship with the child(ren) and their caregivers and potentially help them receive the most important Gift they will ever receive - the gift of Salvation and a relationship with Jesus! Check Angel Tree Camping out and pray about how you may involve the children and families in your church with this ministry this summer!

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