Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Vote for About the Children's Department is a Vote for Grandmas Everywhere! :^)

A vote for "About the Children's Department" is a vote for grandmas everywhere . . . and we all know grandmas represent hugs, love and cookies! Well . . . not necessarily, but I am a grandma and I would most sincerely appreciate your vote! About the Children's Department is in the Kid Ministry Blog Madness First Round- it is the March Madness of the kid ministry blog world! There are two more days for voting in the first round - if you follow the link and look under East Regional, you'll find About the Children's Department in the 17th seed . . . please vote for me! Please tell people you know and ask them to vote for me, too . . . voting for this round closes on the 19th and the top four move on to the next round. I am truly stunned and honored to be included in the East Regional Division - there are some truly amazing blogs in each category . . . take a moment to check some of them out!

Thank you Ministry-to-Children for this fun "epic contest to see which kids ministry blogger will become a champion." :^)

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