Sunday, April 3, 2011

Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project Through Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus!

Put Feet to Their Faith and involve the children in your ministry with a project to help Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus. Michael Chanley is the founder of CM Connect and he has put together an opportunity to raise money with the purpose of purchasing a van for the Rhodes to use in their ministry in Belize. CM Connect will award on Grand Prize valued at $7,200 to the person raising the most support. You can find out all the details by following this link. The prize package consists of some pretty amazing items - I'll just highlight a few -
  • $800 cash for travel or other ministry related expenses
  • 2 tickets to the D6 Conference with an exclusive backstage tour from Michael Chanley - $860 - travel not included
  • a Kidmin 360 Children's Ministry Check Up
  • Volunteer and ministry training/evaluation with Michael Chanley - $2000
  • On-site training for your leaders and/or volunteer team
  • 4-lesson series from the What's in the Bible? Church Edition elementary program
  • and much more! 
In addition, Bobby Wells from Big Bible Town has developed a fun way for children and families to help raise money for the van. "Big Bible Town's main objective is to provide parents and Christian educators an effective way to capture a portion of children's video game playtime and focus it on building Bible knowledge and Christian behavior." Bobby also wanted to, "build an online community which would enable the translation of kids' video game playtime into real world mission outcomes" and saw CM Connect's van project as the ideal opportunity to do exactly this! You can get all the details by following this link

The Rhodes want to show Jesus and His amazing love to the children and families of Belize. This project will give you the opportunity to involve the children and families of your church in "Putting Feet to Their Faith" by raising money for the van so the Rhodes will be better able to do exactly that!

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