Monday, April 25, 2011

Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project Through Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry!

Each month I select a ministry to be my "Put Feet to Their Faith" ministry focus and encourage all who read this blog to involve your kids in a project to help that ministry. I'm happy to announce my "Put Feet to their Faith" ministry focus for the month of May - the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry in Pakistan. If you are anything like me, when you hear of Pakistan you think of war and terrorists, not Sunday school. I'm very happy to share with you the ministry of the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry - Rev. Daniail Bashir is the Director of the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry. I was amazed to learn he leads 30 Sunday schools of nearly 1000 children in different villages and urban areas throughout his area of the Punjab, Pakistan! 

The children in the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry greatly enjoy Bible storybooks and coloring books. Daniail says he has 30 volunteers who work with the children in their ministry. I asked him if they have any special events the children look forward to each year and he said along with their Sunday School ministry, each year they plan an Easter and Christmas gift program for all of the children in their ministry. In addition they also have a VBS each year in August! He said the children in his ministry love to sing action songs, play Bible games and color . . . apparently even though they are in a country where they do not experience freedom of religion, the children in Pakistan show us once again, children are children. They love to sing! They love to play Bible games! They enjoy expressing themselves in creative ways and most importantly, they respond to Jesus' love with joy and enthusiasm!

I asked Daniail what children's ministry looked like in his country and he told me they teach seminars and classes on Biblical topics, train Sunday School teachers, teach Sunday school, provide school books and uniforms to poor Christian students and encourage them to pursue higher education. In addition he told me his goals for the children of Pakistan include teaching children about Jesus, providing a Christian education and increasing the literacy rate of Christians in Pakistan. Daniail wants all Pakistani children to know about Jesus! This ministry clearly needs us to pray for them as they reach children in a Muslim country where there is not freedom of religion. They need things like crayons, Bible storybooks and coloring books. It is their goal to be able to provide scholarships for poor children to go to school/university and they would like to be able to establish a boarding school for poor children so they are able to receive a Christian education. Certainly as with your own ministries, they need volunteers, resource to train their volunteers and the ability to communicate clearly the all-important message of Jesus to the children in Pakistan. These are specific things to pray for. Along with praying for Daniail and his ministry, consider involving the children in your ministry in a project to provide crayons and coloring pages for the children in Pakistan. Challenge your kids to donate new boxes of crayons and money to pay for shipping them to Pakistan. In addition, make use of your copy machine and print out some of the free coloring pages from Ministry-to-Children's website - Daniail said he doesn't have the ability to print these pages for the children in his ministry - these pages are free to download and print; I'd recommend the Easter and the Days of creation coloring pages. 

Take a moment to pray for Daniail and his ministry to the children of Pakistan and consider sharing this ministry with the children in your ministry, because while we may speak different languages, wear different clothes and live in different countries we all need Jesus. Most importantly, when we receive Jesus' forgiveness we are all part of the same family! Consider what you can do to introduce the children in your ministry to their Pakistani family!

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