Friday, May 6, 2011

First Friday Freebies - My Bible Journey - Trusting God Journey Family Event!

Today is the first "First Friday Freebie" and I'm happy to give you a back-to-school family event . . . My Bible Journey - Trusting God Journey! As children return to school they often feel apprehensive and even afraid - what will their new classes be like? What will their new teachers be like? Will they have friends? There are so many questions . . . potentially so many things to be concerned about. Parents also have many concerns . . . will they make the right decisions when it comes to raising their children? Will they be able to keep their jobs? If they do not have a job, will they be able to find a job? Will they be able to make their house payment? What will they do if gas gets even more expensive? So many potential things to be concerned about.

I'd like to invite you to download a copy of My Bible Journey - Trusting God Journey and plan to involve the people in your church in presenting this family event for the families in your church and community the end of August or beginning of September. Fall is a busy time of year for church and for families as everyone is preparing for the start of the new school year and ministry year. Trusting God Journey is an ideal opportunity for churches to involve families in ministering to one another as they learn together about how they can always trust God; even if things are frightening and busy with the start of a new school year!

Trusting God Journey is a maze event with four stations families “journey” through to discover what trusting God is all about. They will learn why David was running from King Saul at the first station/stop in their maze! The second station/stop will allow your families to think about the reasons David was afraid of King Saul and allow them to also think of things they may be afraid of. Their third station/stop will challenge them to think about the choice David made to trust God and wait for God’s timing and plan. In the party room families will celebrate how they can trust God and give to others as they present the school supplies they brought for kids in need. Each station involves families in learning, activity and discussion so this isn’t just another “event”, but rather an opportunity for everyone to learn about Trusting God and how it changes our everyday lives!

As you plan your Trusting God Journey, consider the following options –
  • Present your journey as a special event for your mid-week club ministry.
  • Present your journey as a special event on a Friday evening or Saturday before School begins or just after the start of school.
  • Present your journey as a special event on a Sunday morning.
Decide how and where you would like to involve the families in your church and community in a Trusting God Journey and then decide how you would like to present this event. It is an ideal opportunity for you to involve families – some could sign up to help build and set up your maze while others may want to help with decorating each station. Some families could sign up to prepare the activities everyone completes as they journey through the stations. Some families could sign up to help with brief mini-dramas or to lead some of the music. There are many opportunities for families to help in the preparation and presentation of this event; decide how much help you want from the families and use the reproducible promotional materials included in this resource to let them know how they may be involved and where to sign up!

Trusting God Journey is a unique opportunity you are able to tailor to “fit” your unique church and ministry! If you have a small church and a limited number of staff and volunteers you can still present a Bible Journey’s event by involving your church families in serving together in simple activities that when put together provide a ministry to other families in your church and community! This plan will work for churches of any size as not donly can families give to others by bringing school supplies for needy kids, but they can have a part in preparing and presenting this ministry event as well! Trusting God Journey is also an event your children’s ministry leaders, an adult Sunday School group or youth group could prepare and present to families if this would be a more effective way for your church to minister to the families in your church and community.

You will find time-lines for planning, complete instructions and dramas for each station - In addition there is a community service project for this Bible Journey . . . a school supplies drive. On your promotional flyers and invitations be sure to encourage each family to bring new school supplies for children in your community. You could team up with your school district or contact a local homeless shelter and see if you might be able to help with school supplies for families in need. Plan a My Bible Journey - Trusting God Journey for your church this Fall!

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