Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free Music From Robert Pierre . . . Don't Forget to Check This Out!

I'm happy to share with you four free songs off Robert Pierre's full-length CD  "I'm All In"; which is set to release this summer. Robert Pierre is a 18-year old high school senior from the Orlando, Florida area and is graduating from high school next week, (May 20). While he is young, his voice . . . and the quality of the songs he is singing, are amazing! Robert not only sings on this album, but he wrote 10 out of 11 songs, played guitar for the recording and sang back up vocals. I am so impressed with these songs . . . they most certainly are the songs you want your children - and grandchildren - to listen to. It really does matter what we - and our children in particular - put in our minds. These songs will have you singing along and praising God with Robert! It is a wonderful thing to have a young man who is a regular teen and yet who sings about being completely "all in" for Jesus for our children to listen to! You can even join Robert on Facebook . . . he would appreciate hearing what you think of his songs!
Now for the specifics on how you can check four of his songs out for free . . . just follow this link to Once on NoiseTrade, you simply click the Robert Pierre EP image to open the online player . . . you will see the 4 songs available for your review: (simply click on the song you'd like to listen too) In addition, if you're interested, you may review the song lyrics to these songs by clicking these links:
               SONG LYRICS:
               1.  Jesus
               2.  You Hold Me Now
               3.  Breaking My Heart
               4.  Identity
AND, if you're interested in downloading all four songs for FREE to have on your own computer or ipod - and I'm sure you will want to do so - provides downloadable zip files of the 4 songs when you enter your email address, postal code & click NEXT (just under the online player).  After you click NEXT, NoiseTrade will email you a link which you can quickly click to have the 4 songs downloaded . . . for Free!

Robert Pierre's full-length cd "I'm All In" releases later this summer and I for one can't wait to hear it! Enjoy your free songs!

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