Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FREE VBS Game from Big Bible Town for the Children in Your VBS!

BIG Bible TownI'm so happy to pass on the information from Big Bible Town about how you can extend your VBS to the home computers of the children who attend your VBS . . . for FREE!

"You can now use BIG Bible Town as a free video game take-home to extend your VBS to home computers. Choose from four free VBS Take-Home Editions of BIG Bible Town.  Each includes two free Bible adventure games for two of the Bible stories taught in these popular VBS programs. 
The links above let you download a flyer to handout to kids or e-mail to parents.  As you will see, the flyer will get the kids excited about the game.  It will also give parents all the info they need to register for their FREE account which will automatically unlock the Bible adventure games for two of the Bible stories in the selected VBS program.

So by simply handing out a flyer to your kids, you will be giving them a fun and powerful Bible education game which will add more fun and meaning to your VBS and also keep kids connected to the Word where they are…at home… long after VBS is over. And then if parents want to access all 30 Bible games at BIG Bible Town, they will receive a 15% discount on their subscription. This is it!  We do the rest.

Finally, we're still working to help the KidzKonnect4Jesus missionaries in Belize. We'll make a donation for every family who subscribes, so your kids' video game playtime will be translated into a real world mission outcome. I do want to point out Third Day Games is offering these VBS games as our own product and we are not affiliated with Group, Lifeway, Standard, or Gospel Light.

Read on to learn more about the game, how it helps teach Bible stories and build Christian character, and how you can extend your ministry to home computers to keep kids connected to Christ throughout the week!
BIGBibleTown.com is a completely safe online game which immerses K-6 children in scripture-based Bible adventures. The game is designed as a Christian alternative to secular juggernauts such as Club Penguin, which millions of kids play for several hours each week. The key difference is that in BIG Bible Town, our mini-games are interactive recreations of the Bible stories you are teaching in your ministry.  So as kids play BIG Bible Town, they are also learning scripture and practicing Christian values.  We currently have 30 Bible story games available at the site.  We have produced 95 and will adding several more of these each month.

More and more churches are taking advantage of BIG Bible Town.  I hope you will consider it as well.  Here's why. 
  1. It's zero cost to your church and free for families to try it out.
  2. The game play is as fun (or more so) than secular games like Club Penguin, so kids enjoy playing.  We're getting lots of great reviews, but one mom's e-mail summed them all up, "My son has been playing and said, 'This is awesome! I love this game!'"
  3.  Most importantly, it let's you tap into the appeal and educational power of video games to: help teach K-6 kids a broad array of Bible stories (including actual scripture) in an engaging, interactive medium where kids want to spend time; capture a portion of kids' home playtime and focus it on building Bible knowledge and Christian character; enable kids to share the Word with their friends by sharing the game, and translate video game playtime into real world mission outcomes.
  4. And finally, you can give parents a 15% discount on a fun and completely safe Christian game alternative, so they can encourage their kids to choose the Christian game over secular games.

The bottom line is that, at no cost to your church, BIG Bible Town can extend your ministry to families' home computers and tap kids' love of video games to keep them connected to God's Word at home.

It's super easy to make BIG Bible Town a part of your ministry.  Just join this group and we'll send you a customized flyer you can e-mail or handout to your families. We'll also include our logo graphic if you want to place it at your website.  Everyone can then join the fun and Bible learning by signing up for their own free account to play two Bible adventure game.  Then, if they want more Bible adventures, they can choose to subscribe at prices which are the same or lower than Club Penguin and select three additional Bible games each month.  Plus, using the church code you give them, they get a 15% discount off their initial purchase. Then as our list of game stories grows from 29 to over 90, you can encourage kids to select the Bible games which go along with your curriculum each month.  And finally, you or a team member can also create your own character to interact with the kids inside the game.  
You can learn more about the game and try it out for free at  www.BIGBibleTown.comOr just watch this How To Play video." 

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