Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Look Back . . . and a Look Forward! Sunday School Curriculum Reviews!

During the month of April I focused on Sunday school curriculum reviews and looked at Large Group/Small Group, Traditional, Bridge and Non-Traditional curriculum resources. I also looked at Special Needs curriculum. I reviewed a number of curriculum lines and provided side-by-side comparison charts. I also spent a week looking at curriculum which was  Biblically solid, well written and priced affordably - all of which matter and in this economy matter even more. All the curriculum lines I reviewed are Biblically solid and they all use the Bible in each and every lesson. I'm so glad there are so many excellent resources available for us to evaluate as we look for the curriculum which is the best "fit" for our own unique ministries!

Next week I'll be releasing my Children's Church curriculum reviews along with a side-by-side comparison chart and later in June I'll release my Mid-week curriculum reviews and chart as well. When it comes to these types of curriculum - Sunday School, Children's Church and Mid-week, I won't re-review them each year, but rather will update my reviews each year as publishers update their curriculum and release new resources for us to consider, so these reviews and charts will be available for you to access and use whenever you are evaluating curriculum.

If you have a particular line of curriculum you'd like me to review, let me know and I'll see if I can get some for review!

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