Monday, May 30, 2011

A Look Back . . . and a Look Forward! Vacation Bible School 2011!

The month of January I focused on Vacation Bible School with my top ten VBS reviews and posts on all things VBS! There are some truly excellent VBS resources available for sumer 2011 and beyond, so if you haven't made your choice for VBS yet, know there are many Biblically sound resources to choose from! All the curriculum I reviewed are biblically sound and they all use God's Word each and every day to share the Good News of Jesus with unsaved children and they all have a focus on growing in their walk with God for children who already know Jesus. Some curriculum have a stronger focus on evangelism - such as Regular Baptist Press, Answers in Genesis, Gospel Light, Lifeway and Go Fish - while others have a stronger focus on equipping children who know Jesus - such as Standard, Cokesbury. Group and WordAction, but they all are solid in their use of and teaching of God's Word! Since you will have both children who do and do not know Jesus at your VBS, it is important for your VBS to focus on both evangelism and providing an opportunity for saved children to grow in their walk with Jesus.

I pray you will all have excellent VBS outreaches in your churches and communities! I pray children and families will be reached for Jesus and grow in their walk with Him! Be sure you have a plan in place to follow up with the children and families your VBS ministry allows you to make contact with . . . be sure to check my Mid-week curriculum reviews later this month!

And, on January 1, 2012 my VBS reviews for 2012 will begin!

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