Saturday, May 7, 2011

Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project Through Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry!

If you are looking for a service project to involve the children in your ministry and Put Feet to Their Faith, take a look at the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry in Pakistan. Rev. Daniail Bashir is the Director of the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry. I was amazed to learn he leads 30 Sunday schools of nearly 1000 children in different villages and urban areas throughout his area of the Punjab, Pakistan! The children in the Star Sunday School & Youth Ministry greatly enjoy Bible storybooks and coloring books,so I'd like to encourage you to consider involving the children in your ministry in a project to provide crayons and coloring pages for the children in Pakistan. Challenge your kids to donate new boxes of crayons and money to pay for shipping them to Pakistan. In addition, make use of your copy machine and print out some of the free coloring pages from Ministry-to-Children's website - Daniail said he doesn't have the ability to print these pages for the children in his ministry - these pages are free to download and print; I'd recommend the Easter and the Days of creation coloring pages. 

With all the news of the happenings in Pakistan, this is an opportunity to help the children in your ministry see the Pakistani people as people who need Jesus and give them a hands-on opportunity to reach out to children in Pakistan! 

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