Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some Facts and Statistics on Hunger in America

My Put Feet to their Faith project for the month of June is a food drive . . . you can involve the children in your ministry in gathering non-perishable foods for your church's own food pantry or for a food pantry in your community. I'd love to be able to say there are not children and families in America who go to bed hungry . . . but sadly, this is not the case. In your own community - and very possibly in your very own church - there are children and families who go to bed hungry. Consider the following facts and statistics on hunger in America from Share our Strength . . . 
  1. 18.6 American kids receive food stamp benefits
  2. Nearly one in four kids in America can’t count on having enough to eat
  3. 15.5 million kids in America live in poverty
  4. 19 million kids get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day
  5. Only 9.4 million kids get a free or reduced-price school breakfast on an average school day
  6. Just 1 in 6 eligible kids get free summer meals
These statistics are just not acceptable. We can and must do something to help those in our communities who are hungry! Consider the following possibilities . . . 

  1. Put on a car wash in your church parking lot and charge a donation of non-perishable foods
  2. Plan a family movie night and charge an admission "fee" of a donation of non-perishable foods
  3. Hold a crafting event and ask participants to bring a non-perishable food donation
Get a group of children, families and volunteers together and see what ideas you can come up with, but whatever you do, "Put Feet to Their Faith" and involve the children in your ministry in projects to help raise money and gather food for your local food pantry!

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