Friday, June 3, 2011

First Friday Freebies - Joy to the World the Lord is Come! Christmas Program!

I know it is just the beginning of Summer, but it is also the ideal time to begin thinking about what you would like to do at your church for a Christmas program. For my First Friday Freebie this month, I'm giving away a Christmas Program - Joy to the World the Lord is Come! This is a program which can involve everyone in your church from the little children to adults. Two big "pluses" to this program - other than I'm giving it away for free - are first of all it has a solid message about the reason Jesus came to be born as a baby! He came to die for us and rise again so we can be forgiven for our sins and know and walk with Him forever! Secondly, the songs are all familiar carols we all know. This is a huge plus when it comes to learning the program! This program has something for everyone to be involved - singing parts, speaking parts, building sets and of course, praying the message will be clear to all who see it! Consider presenting Joy to the World the Lord is Come to the people in your church and community this year!