Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Look Back . . . and a Look Forward! Safe Church Nurseries!

During the months of April and May I spent a week talking about the components of a safe nursery and essentials for a safe nursery ministry. I posted about safe nursery polices, equipment, toys, checking babies in, designing a top notch nursery environment on a shoestring and more! It really matters what our nurseries are like . . . we need to have specific policies in place to ensure our nurseries are as safe as possible for the children we are entrusted with. In addition I reviewed a couple nursery curriculum resources which provide the opportunity for our nurseries to minister to children and parents as we begin to lay a foundation grounded in God's Word for these little ones!

Bright Starts Grab and Stack BlocksI reviewed a number of toy resources in these articles and would like to mention one additional toy for your church nurseries today . . . the Grab & Stack blocks from Bright Starts! These blocks are made from soft fabric and comes in a set of four - each featuring different patterns and characters. I especially love the textures and sounds on each block. Each block rattles, jingles or crinkles, had tags, knots, letters, numbers, colorful patterns, cute characters and setw in loops. I love these blocks and so will the babies in your nursery!

If you do not have specific policies for your nursery and/or are trying to determine how to make your nursery environment engaging - especially on a shoestring - take a look at these posts and see if there is anything there you could do in your ministry!

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