Friday, July 1, 2011

"Family Pick" . . . CUPONK from Hasbro Games! I'm Giving One Away!

Cuponk - Le Flush RoyaleI'm happy to announce a new "Family Pick" drawing and give-away . . . I'm giving away a CUPONK game! What exactly is CUPONK? Well . . . as Hasbro says, "The object: sink your ball into the cup and light it up. Get it in and you'll hear the sweet sounds of victory. Miss the shot and your friends get the chance to one-up you. When playing CUPONK the tables, walls and chairs in your home all become part of the playing field. Test out sick trick shots like King of the Lob, Le Grand Entrance and Duh." This game includes five collectible stickers, 1 electronic cuponk cup, six official cuponk balls, 30 card trick deck, 1 sport crown, instruction guide and 1 multi-position backboard. For ages 9+ this is a game your family will enjoy together! I had a 10 year old try this game for me and he found it to be tremendous fun . . . in particular because he was able to figure out the tricks and his dad wasn't! :^)

CUPONK is a fun game for home and for church . . . it could easily become a favorite for family game night and for game time at church . . . and I'm delighted for the opportunity to give one CUPONK game away in a drawing on July 8th! If you have "liked" About the Children's Department using the tab in the "find us on facebook" box ON THE BLOG, then you are entered in my drawing! If you have not "liked" this blog yet, please take a moment to do so and you will be entered in the drawing! It is this easy! Please tell people you know about About the Children's Department so they can be in the drawing, too!

Thank you Hasbro for sending a CUPONK for review and another for give-away!

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