Saturday, July 16, 2011

So, How Can You Help The Children in Your Ministry Raise Money for Mosquito Nets?

My Put Feet to Their Faith ministry focus for the month of July is Samaritan's Purse's project to provide mosquito nets for children and families around the world where malaria is a real and deadly problem. Children understand how mosquitoes are a real pest in the summer . . . they will be able to understand how these "pests" are an even bigger problem in many places around the world and when they learn children die from malaria after being bitten by mosquitoes, they will want to do something to help. For every $10 your children raise, Samaritan's Purse is able to "provide a bed net treated with natural insecticide to kill mosquitoes and keep children safe and healthy. As local Christians hand out these nets, God gives them opportunities to tell families the message of eternal life."

So what can you do to help your children raise money for this project? Consider the following -

  • host neighborhood lemonade stands and donate the money raised to your project - be sure parents/adults are at each site to oversee each stand 
  • have a baked goods sale and donate the money raised to your project 
  • put on a car wash in your church parking lot - and donate the money raised to your project 
These are some of the "typical" fund raisers and should provide good results, but also consider the following -
  • have the children in your ministry draw pictures showing children from other countries and then auction them off - donate the money raised to your project 
  • have the children in your ministry put on a "variety" show - sell tickets and donate the money raised to your project 
  • If your church has people who enjoy fishing, maybe you could sponsor a fishing event and provide opportunities for children to raise money – food booths, sell water, sell mosquito repellent, etc. 
  • make mosquito bookmarks to sell and donate the money raised to your project 
If you'd like to make mosquito bookmarks, consider this project -

Supplies -
  • Cardstock strips – 3X7 – three or four per child 
  • Glue 
  • Little bits of netting 
  • Markers/crayons 
Decorate the bookmarks with some of the netting and draw mosquitoes using the markers and netting. Think of creative ways you can show a mosquito or part of a bed with netting on your bookmarks to show you are working on raising money to help with malaria prevention.

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