Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do You Really Know Why Community Children Are Not Part Of Your Ministry?

Pretty much everyone in children's ministry knows who Thom Schultz is - the founder of Group Publishing. One of his current project is a blog called Holy Soup with Thom Schultz where he, "challenges the status quo for how churches communicate, lead, learn, and connect with innovative approaches to ministry." This morning he posted about "Church Fugitives" - people who won't set food inside a church this Sunday. He went out, on a Sunday morning, and interviewed people, asking why they didn't go to church. he posted a link to a video of the responses he got. Take a moment to watch it and then think about your children's ministry. What type of response would you get if you were to interview children in your community and their parents on a Sunday morning? How might it affect your children's ministry if you knew, really knew, the reasons community children and parents did not attend your church?

If we are serious about reaching the children and parents in our communities, don't we first need to begin with really knowing why they are not attending our church? Thank you Thom for asking questions which can get us thinking and which can help spur change and improvement.


  1. Really thought provoking. A lot of things to think about and see where changes could be made. I have gone to church my whole life, but quite honestly, I can completely see and understand each person's reasons. Many of them are things I personally have disliked about church and have looked to change.

  2. Thom's post and video made me think . . . churches may find it very helpful to go into their communities on a Sunday and ask the people they see how they feel about church in general and their church in particular.