Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Get The Word Out! Have a Family Event!

One great way to generate some enthusiasm and draw attention to your fall children's ministries is by having a special event for families! There are so many options for fun family events . . . ranging from a picnic in the park or movie on the side of the church building to holding your own Minute-to-win-it game night! Check this link for lots of ideas for family events you could hold, but whatever you decide to do, be sure to plan for the following . . . 

  • have plenty of your children's ministry info fliers available to hand out to new families so they are able to find out about all your ministry opportunities, your policies and your vision for your children's ministry. Info on your staff wouldn't hurt either!
  • be ready to pre-register children for your mid-week and even your Sunday opportunities
  • be sure your staff - volunteer and paid - is on hand so they are able to meet/greet the children who will be in their classes and get acquainted with the parents
  • have information on opportunities your church offers for teens and adults as well!
What type of family event do you hold to help launch your fall ministries?

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