Sunday, September 25, 2011

Christmas for an Orphan - Involve the Children and Families in Your Ministry!

Yesterday we took our grandson Josiah shopping to buy the gifts for his Christmas for an Orphan box . . . he wanted to fill a second box for his baby brother Caleb to send to another boy, so of course we agreed! Josiah picked out the toothbrush, toothpaste, bandaids, crayons, candy and of course HotWheel cars for his box! I have a few additional toys for him to include and today he will pack his boxes so Poppa can mail them tomorrow! 

We talked with Josiah about making a "bank" so over the coming year as he does special things to help his Poppa and I we will put money in his bank and then next year he will be able to use his own money to buy the things for his boxes so other children will receive gifts for Christmas! We will remind Josiah to pray for the children who receive his and Caleb's boxes so they will learn about how much Jesus loves them . . . this is the best gift they could ever receive!

This is such a simple project . . . perfect for the children and families in your church to participate in! Consider Putting Feet to Their Faith by involving the families and children in your ministry in filling Christmas for an Orphan boxes. Encourage parents and/or teachers/small group leaders to take their children them shopping for the things to fill their boxes and be sure to involve them in praying for the children who receive their boxes! Christmas is about giving . . . Jesus giving us real life and His amazing love and it's about us giving to others!

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