Sunday, September 4, 2011

Every Falling Tear - a Must-Have CD!

I am so happy to share the news of a new CD from multiple Grammy-nominated, Dove Award winning Sanctus Real lead vocalist, Matt Hammitt - Every Falling Tear. To say this CD is one everyone should have is not saying enough . . . it is incredible! The lyrics to the 10 songs are moving, challenging and encouraging and while they were written from the heart cries of a dad, they are the cries we all have at one point or another in our own lives.

Matt and his wife, Sarah, just went through one of the most difficult journeys any parent could go through - learning their baby boy had serious heart problems - half his heart wasn't developing properly. He wasn't even expected to live. Bowen did live, has had heart surgery and his dad, Matt says, “I was struggling to believe that any good could come from that painful moment when I handed my son over for that first surgery,” he says. Matt remembers thinking: “‘If things don’t work out the way that I pray they are going to work out, no matter what we go through, I still know and trust that God is faithful.’ That was really the cry of my heart--to be so invested in the truth that my emotions don’t steal me away from standing on the truth that He’s faithful. ‘I will trust you Lord with all my heart and I won’t forget how good you are.’"

This is an album with real emotions. Real questions. It shows a real person who found real peace in Jesus - even when going through a parent's nightmare. As I listened to the songs I'd think, "This is the most amazing song! It is surely my favorite!" And then I'd hear the next song and think, "I don't know how he did it, but this song has to be my favorite - it is amazing!" There are songs on this CD which left me in tears; "Afraid to love - Something that could break - Could I move on- If you were torn away - And I'm so close - To what I can't control - I can't give you half my heart - And pray He makes you whole - -You're gonna have all of me - You're gonna have all of me - 'Cause you're worth every falling tear - You're worth facing any fear - You're gonna know all my love - Even if it's not enough - Enough to mend our broken hearts - -But giving you all of me - Is where I'll start" and songs which have become the prayer of my heart; "I want to hold on 'cause I'm afraid - And I didn't ask for it to be this way - Somehow I found myself caught in the grey - Reaching out for fear, running out of faith - - You know what I don't - So help me to let go - You're in control - So help me to let go - I want to let go"

Amazing! Real. If you listen to these songs you will see the heart of a dad - a dad who is afraid, but who made the choice to trust, even when he was afraid. Every Falling Tear releases to CD on September 13th - it is absolutely one you will want to add to your collection. I'll be writing more about this cd as it's release date nears!

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