Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm honored and delighted to say in addition to writing this blog and grandma's cookie jar, I'm now also writing for kidmin1124! My first article posted today - you'll find it at this link. I encourage you to add kidmin1124 to your list of favorite children's ministry sites - you will find - as they say on the kidmin1124 site, "information related to and relevant to the target audience - the kidmin community and to volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers. We hope to edify, instruct, teach, share and commiserate on issues important to those who work in children’s ministry and particularly issues relevant to volunteers and volunteering.  Ultimately though, as with all we do, are goal is to bring glory to God and assist in any way we can in reaching kids with the Gospel the Christ." 

If you are not familiar with kidmin1124, it was started by Wayne Stocks. He had "a hunch there were others like himself who felt torn between his “day job” and his passion for children’s ministry, Wayne started a facebook page for children’s ministry volunteers and bi-vocational children’s ministers.  Based on the success of this page, and discussions with others, they decided a blog such as Kidmin1124 would be a benefit to the kidmin community in general and to volunteers and bi-vocational ministers in particular."

"The name of this site is based on Proverbs 11:24 which says:

'One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.'
As volunteers and bi-vocational ministers, we give freely to God’s children, and we find  we are immeasurably blessed through this work far beyond whatever we give.  Even those who are in full-time vocational positions recognize the time devoted to children’s ministry far exceeds even other ministries.  Which is what this site is all about.  We aspire to give back to those who give so freely to God’s kids."

Thank you Wayne for allowing me to join your team of writers! Check kidmin1124 out - you'll be so glad you did! 

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