Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ed's Story, It's Our Story . . .

When I was in college, more than a few years ago :^), Dr. Ed Dobson was the Dean of Students. One of the best things about college was being able to listen to him preach on Sunday nights! Because there were so many students, we were told if our last names began with the letter A - L we were able to go to the regular evening church service. If however, our name began with M - Z we "had" to go to the old auditorium and listen to the Dean preach. The following week it switched off so every other week we "got" to go to the regular service. The Dean was preaching on the Book of Philippians . . . we all wanted to hear him, so we would get there hours before the service began so we could stay to hear him. It became who "got" to hear the Dean and who "had" to go to the regular service!

I'm from West Michigan, and eventually Dr. Dobson became the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Church . . . I loved to watch him on TV! He could teach God's Word in a way which was so understandable and so applicable and so real! Eleven years ago he was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) He was given 2 to 5 years to live. He is still alive today, and is releasing a video series we all need to see! Take a few minutes to watch the first video, It Ain't Over - be sure to view the reflection guide, too. Think about what he has to say as it applies to your own life. Think about it as it applies to families and volunteers in your ministry. What can you do, what can you say when they have difficult times in their lives?

Too often we end up with the same, tired, "pat" answers. Dr. Dobson is real. Take time to consider and know how you would respond in these kinds of situations so when they happen . . . and they will happen . . . you are ready. As they say at "Ed's Story" . . . Ed's story, it's our story.

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