Sunday, October 16, 2011

Put Feet to Their Faith and Involve Your Kids in a Project to Bring God's Word to the Mwinika People!

My Put Feet to Their Faith ministry focus and project for the month of October is the New Tribes Mission work to translate the Bible into the language of the Mwinika people in Mozambique. Look at some of the reports about how this work is progressing . . . 

The Mwinika people are coming to understand their hearts must change. One man spoke of this - “Loudly he proclaimed: ‘What is on the inside counts more than what is on the outside. God looks at our hearts, not at how many times I go to my [religious gathering place]. What does it help if I go often to pray, but while I am there I am thinking bad thoughts? God knows my thoughts! My heart must change and follow God’s ways.’”

"Because attendance at the literacy classes has sharply declined, the missionary, Francois, took the opportunity to help the Mwinikas understand how important it is to be able to read their heart language. He opened the Old Testament written in Hebrew and told the group, 'This is the Word of God and it was written in its original language.' He explained this in terms used by the traditional religion most of the Mwinika people follow and everyone was very interested. They gathered around to see if they could read Hebrew. But no one could. Then Francois held a copy of Genesis 5:3-5 in Arabic. The local leader took the text and was able to recite it in a singsong voice, but no one understood the words, not even the one who recited them because he had no idea what they meant. Everyone agreed: they did not understand the Hebrew or Arabic language.
Then one of the Mwinikas, Salimo, picked up the Scriptures in Mwinika and began reading Genesis 5:3-5. Big smiles broke out among the crowd. 'Yes, we understand this!' People began to understand God wanted to speak to them in their own language and the missionaries had come to bring them God's message."
What can you do to involve the children in your ministry in raising money for the translation of the Bible into the Mwinika language so they are able to hear and understand God's message?

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