Friday, October 21, 2011

Who Would You Give An American Girl Doll To?

As you know, on my other blog, grandma's cookie jar, I'm giving away an American Girl Doll, Marie-Grace - on December 1st. (You can find the specifics for how to enter at this link.)

I wanted to let you know I have another American Girl doll to give away . . .the Girl of the Year, Kanani! This is a very beautiful doll, with all the quality you would expect from American Girl. Kanani is a cheerful Hawaiian girl who loves to help others and share the "Aloha spirit" of Hawaii! 

So in the spirit of helping and sharing with others, I'd like to give this doll to someone who will in turn give this doll to a girl they know who might otherwise not be able to have an American Girl doll of her own. I'm sure we all know a girl whose family just does not have the budget for an American Girl doll, so this Christmas, let's brighten the day for a special girl! Entering this drawing is very simple . . . just check this link for the specifics. You can get additional entries if you will "share" this post and tell me who you will give the doll to - you don't have to use the girl's name, you could say you'll give it to a neighbor, friend's child, child from your class at church, school, the friend of your child, etc. I have one doll to give away and the drawing for this doll will be on November 20th! 

As we enter the time of year where we particularly focus on being thankful and giving to others, let's give this doll to a little girl who might otherwise not have an American Girl doll of her own!

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