Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are You Ready for Christmas? Enjoy "oh for joy" From the David Crowder*Band!

If you are a fan of the David Crowder*Band then you will be delighted to hear of their new album . . . oh for joy! On this album they "deliver their first Christmas record featuring classic Christmas songs interpreted as only the David Crowder*Band can. Highlighting the band's unmistakable creativity and originality, oh for joy finds the band re-inventing familiar Christmas songs into something new and unexpected."

I've only heard a few David Crowder*Band songs over the years . . . this was my first opportunity to listen to an entire album. So, a few thoughts . . . 
  • first, I'm very happy to see an album of the "classic Christmas songs" . . . (You can listen to 30 seconds of each song by going to this link)
1. Joy to the World . . . "Oh for joy, lift up your voice. For Christ has come, the Christ has come. Let the whole world, See the Lord, Christ has come, the Christ has come!"
2. The First Noel . . . "And when angels sing, It was heavenly!"
3. Go, Tell It On The Mountain . . . "Down in a lowly manger, The humble Christ was born. And God sent us Salvation, That blessed Christmas morn!"
4. Angels We Have Heard on High . . . "Glory, on high,Glory, on high! Sing Glory!"
5. O Come, O Come Emmanuel . . . "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel has come! He has come!"
6. O, Holy Night . . . "Truely He taught us to love one another . . . Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices, O night, divine!"
7. Silent Night . . . "It started so quiet. So quiet, woah. It started so quiet, so quiet. Then what a night! Oh what a night!"
8. Carol Of The Bells /Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

  • second, since I'm not familiar with the David Crowder*Band, I did find these classic songs "re-invented into something new and unexpected". I especially loved the Carol of the Bells/Christmas Eve! Beautiful! And this is one grandma who loves "it's still Christmas time!" Let's celebrate! This song is sure to get you celebrating, too!
  • third - I love all the stringed instruments - guitars and banjos!!!! If you also enjoy stringed instruments, you will love the end of the song, "Silent Night"! It is amazing and is sure to get your toes a tappin'!
  • fourth - a gift . . . the David Crowder*Band has provided a link for you to download "O, Holy Night" for free! What a treat! Of course, if you hear this song, you will want the entire album! :^)
This CD is one which will leave you rejoicing in the Gift . . . Emmanuel has come! It was a silent night and because of it we can lift up our voices in pure, complete joy! Aptly titled, "oh for joy" is all about the joy Jesus brings us!

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