Monday, November 7, 2011

Born is the King (It's Christmas) from Hillsong - Amazing!

Born Is the King (It's Christmas) 
By - Hillsong

Favorite Features -
  • eight songs on the CD
  • truly enjoyable, deep, rich harmonies
  • full musical sound - even has a banjo on several songs!
  • old familiar carols with a new "twist" and sound - very enjoyable! Familiar, yet new!
Track Listing:
1. The Westward Procession 
2. Joy To The World
3. Born Is The King (It's Christmas)
4. Emmanuel
5. We Three Kings
6. Come Let Us Adore Him
7. Holy Night

8. Silent Night
I love all the songs on this CD, but especially the song, Born is the King! "Born unto us this day, the Savior! Gifted from Heaven to a manger! The Hope of the world's alive for all mankind! All of the world rejoice, it's Christmas time! So lift up your voice and sing out His praise (It’s Christmas) Born is the King, rejoice in the day (It’s Christmas) Make a joyful sound (It’s Christmas) Let His praise resound (It’s Christmas)" This song will have you ready to make a joyful sound and celebrate Christmas! 

And then there's the song, "Emmanuel" - "Holy, Holy I will bow before my Lord and King! Hallelujah You have come to us. You make all things new! Emmanuel, Jesus Christ. You'll never let me go! My Shepherd King, You're watching over me. Emmanuel.

These songs are ones you will sing with a huge smile on your face! The harmonies are so rich and deep . . . this is absolutely an amazing Christmas album! "Oh come all ye faithful! Oh come let us adore Him!" These songs will have you focusing on what our response to Christmas, the birth of the King should be . . . worshiping and praising God with utter joy and abandon! 

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