Thursday, November 17, 2011

John Elefante - Christmas Time Is Here . . . Great Gift for Volunteers!

When you stop to think about Christian music, you can not help but appreciate the impact one person has had on it . . . John Elefante! For more than 30 years he has been singing, writing and producing some of the best Christian music we all have been blessed to enjoy . . . including my all-time favorite Christian band, Petra! So, when I saw where John was releasing three Christmas songs, I was completely delighted! After listening to these song, I have to say, I'm thrilled for the opportunity to let you know about them! (You can listen to a clip from the songs by following this linklinklink.)
  • Christmas Time Is Here . . . "Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer! And fun for all the children call their favorite time of year! Snowflakes in the air! Carols everywhere and olden times and ancient rhymes and love and dreams to share . . . And oh if we could only see that spirit through the year!" Wow! The harmonies are so rich and full and the guitars; I love the guitars! I love this song! Consider giving it to your volunteers this year in place of a card . . . what a wonderful Christmas greeting this would be!!! 
  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful . . . "O come all ye faithful. Joyful and triumphant! O come, ye oh come ye to Bethlehem. O come and behold Him born the King of Angles. O come let us adore Him . . . Christ the Lord! . . . Glory to God in the Highest!" This has to be my all-time favorite arrangement for this old classic Christmas song! The rich harmonies combined with just a simple piano made for such a full and deep sound . . . if you are looking for a song which will cause you to worship and rejoice in the reason for Christmas . . . look no further, as this is the song! This year, again, rather than sending cards to your volunteers, consider giving this song to them instead. It will do a tremendous job of communicating what Christmas is all about . . . adoring and glorifying Jesus!
  • Silent Night . . . "Silent night. Holy night. All is calm. All is bright. 'Round yon virgin, mother and Child. Holy infant so tender and mild. Sleep in heavenly, sleep in heavenly peace. Silent night." This song has the old familiar sound I'm used to associating with John Elefante with the electric guitars! He said, this song, "was recorded eons ago but we re-mastered to give it a new touch" and it does give Silent Night a "new touch" and sound you may not have heard before!
I love these songs! They are songs which capture the importance of family, friends, memories and of what Christmas is really all about . . . adoring the One Who was born on that Silent Night so long ago! Thank you John for sending them to me for review. If you are looking for Christmas music which will lift your spirits and help you worship Jesus, definitely check these out!

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