Monday, November 7, 2011

VBS 2012 Reviews Release on January 1st . . . My First Kit Arrived Today!

Yes! Believe it or not, VBS 2012 is almost upon us! In two months I'll be over half-way through my Top Ten VBS Reviews for 2012! I am looking forward to VBS 2012!

Today the first kit for my 2012 VBS reviews arrived . . . Bug Zone from Regular Baptist Press! While I don't want to reveal too much before my reviews release in January, I can say I'm very happy with what I see! The content is absolutely solid - as you would expect with RBP - and the extras are very nicely done! (Wait until you see Bugzi !!!) A pleasant surprise is the music and while I usually cringe when I hear of a bug theme VBS, I'm delighted to say there are no spiders in this kit!!!! Of course with the theme of "Being transformed by our Big God!" the only good "transformation" for a spider is when you squash it! :-), so butterflies are a much better choice when it comes to bugs and RBP's butterflies are wonderful!

Stay tuned . . . more VBS 2012 info - complete with reviews and another side-by-side comparison chart - are on their way!

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