Friday, December 2, 2011

Give Your Volunteers A Special Snowman for Christmas!

For years I made special snowmen at Christmas and gave them as gifts to directors and coordinators in my children's ministries as a special gift for Christmas. One year I made a clay pot snowman . . . and it is my personal all-time favorite! So . . . I thought I'd share it with you!

Supplies -
  • clay pot - whatever size you want your snowman to be
  • foam ball - again, size it to fit with your clay pot
  • yarn - small amount for arms
  • white felt or fleece - enough to cover the head
  • fleece for hat, scarf and mittens
  • acrylic paint - use whatever color you want, I've used red, green and metallic gold
  • crackle medium - you'll find it in your craft store near the bottled acrylic paint
  • white acrylic paint
  • buttons - I love colored star buttons for my snowmen :^)
  • Christmas trim . . . look in the scrap-booking section for items you could glue to your snowman for a special touch . . . on this one, I put a stocking.
  • Sculpey clay in black and orange
  • straight pins - one for each eye, nose and piece of "coal" for the mouth
Directions -
  • paint your clay pot whatever color you want to show under the "cracks" - on my snowman, I used metallic gold - and allow to dry completely
  • follow directions on your crackle medium, but basically, you need to put one coat of crackle medium on your pot, over the paint, allow to dry for about 30 minutes and then paint again with the white paint. Allow to dry.
  • make your eyes and mouth pieces from your black Sculpey - size to fit your snowman, but shape into squarish coal pieces - place a straight pin in the middle of each piece - just put the "head" of the pin in the middle of the back of each piece - this will help them stay in place when you glue them to the head - bake according to package directions
  • shape a carrot "nose" from the orange Sculpey, use a pin to make "carrot lines" in your carrot then again, put a straight pin in the back, middle of your "nose" - bake according to package directions
  • cover your snowman head with your white felt/fleece - use a glue gun to fasten with seams in the back
  • make a hat from your colored/patterned fleece by cutting to fit around, leaving room  to fold up the bottom edge then gather the top, tie around the middle and cut to "fringe" the top of the hat. Glue in place with your hot glue gun
  • determine where you want to place your eyes, nose and mouth - push each piece in place with the pins, then one at a time, remove each piece, add hot glue and replace - the pin and the glue should hold them securely in place
  • cut three lengths of yarn to reach from one bottom edge, up to the "neck" and back down to the other bottom edge to make arms - braid
  • cut "mittens" and glue to the ends of the "arms", then glue the "arms to the back of the snowman
  • cut a scarf and place around neck - over back of "arms" and "knot" in the front
  • glue buttons and any decoration you selected for your snowman to the front
  • enjoy! :^)
While there are quite a few steps to make this snowman, they are easy to make - consider gathering a group of crafty teens and adults who do NOT serve in your children's ministry and have them help you make the snowmen for your volunteers. When finished, this little snowman makes a wonderful gift . . . and if you make small ornament-sized snowmen, you could give one to each volunteer!

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