Tuesday, December 6, 2011

children's ministry magazine's "12 Days of Christmas for Children's Ministry" . . .

Yesterday Rochelle from Group emailed me about a fun give-away children's ministry magazine is holding . . . their "12 Days of Christmas for Children's Ministry"! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Christmas . . . my family always comments on how I celebrate the 25 Days of Christmas!!! (Once the tree goes up after Thanksgiving dinner, my grandchildren receive a gift every time they come to my house until our main gift exchange on Christmas day!!! I say, "Spread the fun out! Why limit it to one day?") So . . . I'm delighted for the opportunity to let you know about how Group is "spreading the fun out" and provide you with the info on their "12 Days of Christmas for Children's Ministry"! What do you need to know? It is pretty simple . . . 

  • And to give you a little Christmas love, all you have to do is check their blog 
  • And then follow the daily directions to comment on their blog, their Facebook page or send a tweet (please use hashtag #cmchristmasplay)  
  • After Group has all the responses, they'll draw a name out of a stocking (or something) and then announce the winner! It is pretty simple . . . and fun!
So . . . spread the fun out!!! Get in on the fun and who know? Maybe you'll win something special! Thank you Rochelle for letting me know about this so I can share it with my readers and thank you children's ministry magazine for "spreading the fun out"!!!

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