Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas . . . Born is the King!!!

I thought it might be fun to share Christmas music videos with you throughout the month of December, so . . . today my "pick" is Born is the King from Hillsong! Enjoy . . . 

"Born unto us this day, the Savior! Gifted from Heaven to a manger! The Hope of the world's alive for all mankind! All of the world rejoice, it's Christmas time! So lift up your voice and sing out His praise (It’s Christmas) Born is the King, rejoice in the day (It’s Christmas) Make a joyful sound (It’s Christmas) Let His praise resound (It’s Christmas)" 

Make a joyful sound and talk with your family and the children in your ministry about the reason we can celebrate Christmas . . . Jesus, gifted from Heaven the Hope of the world! This song will have you ready to make a joyful sound and celebrate Christmas! (You can see my review of the CD Born is the King at this link)

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