Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no other gospel - a Must-Read Book!

I am delighted for the opportunity to share a book with you . . . no other gospel by Josh Moody. In this book, Josh takes us verse by verse through the book of Galatians and helps us discover again, there is no other gospel!

no other gospel
Author - Josh Moody
Publisher - Crossway

Favorite Features -
  • I appreciate the verse-by-verse approach to walking us through the book of Galatians. 
  • I found all the background and insight to what was happening when Paul wrote Galatians very interesting and helpful to understanding the Book as a whole
  • I especially appreciate the focus in chapters 10 and 11 on unity and second chances - we all need to read these chapters and honestly take them to heart!
  • I was challenged by the author in chapter 13 to "not lose sight of the cross!" We in children's ministry can attest to the truth, "we lose sight of the cross when our teaching is boring!" Teaching children about Jesus should never be boring!!! This should be true, as the author says, for teaching anyone, of any age about Jesus!
  • I was encouraged in chapter 16 with the truth - I've been blessed by God by my relationship with Him! What an amazing blessing!
  • we can all rejoice with the truth in chapter 17 - law and faith go together like water and oil - they do not go together! We are not justified by the law - we are justified by faith - alone!!! "Christianity is not about religion at all. Christianity is really only and always about Christ!"
  • I love chapter 25 - it looks at my favorite verses - Galatians 5:1-6 - true freedom comes from following Jesus! "It is for freedom Christ has set you free. do not be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."
This book walks through Galatians in 31 short chapters - but each one is filled with sound teaching and will challenge us to commit to life with "no other gospel"! Pick this book up and then read through it - a chapter a day and see if your view of Christianity and your focus on Jesus become more clear!

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