Friday, December 16, 2011

Phil Wickham - Response - I'm Giving One Away!

If you are looking for music with clear, beautiful sound and solid messages, most certainly take a look at Phil Wickham! His new CD - Phil Wickham - Response - is aptly titled as he shares the invitation with the listener to respond to Jesus in faith and then in worship! It is one sure to make your play-list!
  • Heaven Fall Down - "Open our eyes, Lord let us see All that You are All that You mean Open our ears, Lord let us hear All that You are Be loud and clear Please be near" - This song is an amazing, heart-felt prayer! I love the sound, harmonies and music - it has "pep"!
  • Joy - "You heard my cry for mercy, You heard my cry for help And You turned Your ear to hear me, to save me from myself When I think of all You’ve done, Oh my heart is overcome with Joy, joy, unending joy, always joy will remain Joy, joy, I sing for joy, always forever I'll stay in Your joy" - This should be the song each of us sing when we think about God's mercy and grace! Joy! Joy! Unending Joy! Amen!
  • One God - "Mighty Creator, You give us life Wonderful Savior, from death You will rise Glory and honor belong to You alone There's only one God Who can make the stars One God Who saves our hearts One God, You reign over all There's only One God Who can set us free One God alive in me One God, You reign over all" - This song is the truth we need to believe with our whole soul! It effectively communicates an awe for God and a complete rejoicing in Who He is and what He did - "save our hearts"!
  • At Your Name (Yaweh, Yaweh) - "There is no one like our God We will praise You, Praise You Jesus, You're our God We will sing Lord of all the earth, We shout Your name, shout Your name Filling up the skies With endless praise, endless praise, Yaweh Yaweh We love to shout Your name Oh Lord!"  There absolutely is no one like our God! This song is one of the best worship songs I've ever heard! "Yaweh Yaweh we love to shout Your name, there is no one like our God!" Amen! Incredible!
  • This is the Day - "This is the day when the lost are found This is a day for a new beginning Amazing Grace how sweet the sound Oh, can you hear all the angels are singing? This is the day, this is the day when life begins" - What an amazing song to sing in celebration when someone gets saved!
  • All I Want is You - "We all want something more There's something more we're searching for We all want something more You're something more, You're so much more You, all I ever wanted You, all I ever needed You, all I want is You" - what a great reminder - we want and look for "more", but Jesus is all we ever want, all we ever need! He satisfies and fills us when we turn to Him!
  • God of Our Salvation - "Come you tired and wear, come just as you are Come and let His mercy heal your heart For God so loved His children He gave His only Son That we might be forgiven, Death has been overcome Hallelujah Hallelujah You are the God of our salvation" - This song clearly presents the message of God's amazing grace! What an upbeat, celebratory song! For good reason! This song could clearly be the best invitation song ever!
  • Sun & Moon - "If You are the Sun then I wanna be the moon I wanna reflect the light that shines from You . . . Shine Your light from the inside out I wanna be more like You" - we can't live a day without God and really shouldn't even try - as this song goes on to say! We need to depend on God and then reflect His light to the world around us! Beautiful, powerful song!
  • This Love Will Last Forever - "I know this is love, I know this is true There's nothing I need, more than I need You And all I can say is never enough With all that I am, I will show my love" - We can lift our hands because God's love will last forever!!! This song is about rejoicing - and it will lift your heart and cause you to praise God with great joy!
  • All I Am - "I give You everything, to You I belong Every beat of my heart, the breath of my lungs All I am is Yours, all I am is Yours" - I love how Phil took a very old song and gave it a new and powerful look and sound! If this is your prayer, it is a powerful and life-changing prayer!
  • The Victory - "Jesus, Savior, my God, my King, my Lord Jesus, Savior, the victory is Yours, the victory is Yours Death has been beaten The grave has been conquered Jesus is risen, life ever after" - Jesus did make a way for me - and for you! This song is a very personal prayer of thanks to Jesus for all He did! Sincere and beautiful
Well . . . I am certainly a fan of Phil Wickham . . . most importantly, these songs point us to the One Who is worthy of our choice to follow Him! They call us to Him and then lead us in praise, worship and celebration! Amazing!

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