Monday, December 26, 2011

Please Check Out CMBuzz for a Post on . . . 2012 - A Child's Perspective!

I'm delighted for the opportunity to write for CM Buzz and in my most recent post, 2012 - a Child's Perspective - I say, "So, Christmas 2011 is past and 2012 is almost here and while it is common to consider the past year as one looks forward to the new year, I want to consider things from a different perspective  . . . a child’s perspective. After all, children are vitally important to God . . . He did enter this world as one! Stop and think about this! The God of the universe entered this world as a child; as a baby. Talk about one of the weakest entrances ever" I then go on to say, "God could have entered this world as a King, as an Emperor, as the Ruler of the World . . . after all, He is all those things. But, He chose to come as a baby. Amazing! So, how does knowing this change my perspective on the new year . . . " and go on to give three things to think about.  Please check my post and think about how this can change your perspective on the new year, too!

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