Friday, December 9, 2011

Please Pay Attention - Please Notice

You may or may not know I write another blog, grandma's cookie jar. Nearly everything on this blog is positive - I share book, movie, music and product reviews - have LOTS of give-aways - I share recipes, crafts and stories about my dear, sweet, adorable, too-cute-for-words grandsons :-) - but I also share the photo and info each week on a missing child -I ask my readers to pray for these children and for their families. I am signed up to receive alerts from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children . . . and sadly, these alerts fill my in-box every day. It is heart breaking to see photos and info on children - often as young as 12 years old - who have run away from their homes. What must "home" be like for these little children to leave and go to the "unknown" - and often, far too often, an even worse situation.

I also receive notice when children are found - but most of these "found" children are runaways, and it leaves me wondering what are they "returning" to if it was so horrible they ran away in the first place. 

So, it is with this information I ask you to please pay attention to the children in your ministries. Please notice when a child shows signs they may be experiencing abuse and/or neglect at home. When you notice something, DO SOMETHING! Stand up! Be a person who makes a difference and shows hurting children the love of God.

And, pray. Be a person who prays for children who so badly need to know of and experience the love and grace God so richly offers.

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