Saturday, December 3, 2011

Put Feet to Their Faith With a Project Through oneverse From the SeedCompany!

As we think about how Christmas and how Jesus, The Word, became flesh and lived among us, it is a wonderful time to involve the children in your ministry in an opportunity to "Put Feet to Their Faith" and work on a project to raise money to bring God's Word to people who do not have it!  There are a number of projects available for you to select from, consider this one from the SeedCompany . . . 

Project End Year: 2014


South Asia

The Ehty people of a sensitive country in South Asia are generally educated people who live in towns and send their kids to government schools where they learn the regional language of wider communication. Many families own and cultivate land, plant vegetables, rice, pepper and ginger. Some own small coffee or tea plantations and others raise animals.

Each family belongs to one of 22 regional clans. Each clan uses the name of the place where they reside as their surname. Tradition doesn’t allow marriage within the same clan, but marriage with certain neighboring people groups is acceptable, depending on the perceived social status of the group.
The Ehty people hold to a major world religion of their area. About 20 people have come to Christ. Some have renounced their faith due to heavy persecution, while others have grown stronger in the Lord during hardship.

The team will translate the New Testament and other Scripture materials like Bible stories and Scripture songs in a genre appropriate to Ehty culture. The team expects many Ehty people will learn about Christ through church-based literacy programs. Scripture in a language they understand will help strengthen struggling new believers and provide tools for outreach to their neighbors.

So . . . how can you involve the children in your ministry and Put Feet to Their Faith as they work to raise money for this project? Consider the following . . . 
  • plan a Bible concert . . . have children sing Scripture songs, recite verses they have learned and share how they have lived what these verses mean. Sell tickets to the concert and allow the children to give the money to oneverse!
  • plan an Art Festival . . . have children design posters, book marks and small pictures illustrating their favorite verse, then sell them and donate the money to oneverse!
  • make Bible verse cookies . . . bake cookies and then decorate them with the reference for Bible verses. Sell the cookies and donate the money to oneverse!
These are just a few ideas . . . select one - or more - or come up with your own ideas, but do something to "Put Feet to Their Faith" and involve the children in your ministry in sharing Jesus, the Word with people around the world who do not have a copy of God's Word in their own language!

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