Friday, December 30, 2011

Second Chance Give-away - Brittany Hargest, Love All the Way!

I recently reviewed Brittany Hargest's new CD, Love All the Way (you'll find my review at this link) and had a drawing to give one away. However; the person whose name was drawn didn't get their address to me in the month I give them to do so, so I'm having another drawing to give it away. This time I'm going to draw from the names of the people who "like" or "comment" below this post or on my facebook page. My new drawing will be on January 6th, so please take a moment to "like" or "comment" on this post and you'll be in the drawing for Brittany's CD!


  1. Yes please. Would love to win this. I am in the UK, is it international? Have a fantastic New Year!