Thursday, December 8, 2011

VBS 2012 . . . I Just Got My Adventures on Promise Island kit from Standard . . .

Well . . . it is "that" time of year . . . the time of year when my house begins to look like a bookstore with VBS kits everywhere! (Have I mentioned my two favorite times of year are Christmas and VBS? When VBS is over, I begin getting ready for Christmas and when Christmas is over I begin to get ready for VBS - this makes for a fun and happy year!)

At any rate, I know what I will be doing today . . . set kits out and begin to dig in to them to get my reviews started! I read everything when I review a VBS kit . . . the director's info, each lesson, each activity, I listen to all the music . . . I look at everything when I review a VBS resource!

Yesterday Standard's Adventures on Promise Island kit arrived . . . looks like I'll be having a busy day!

My 2012 VBS reviews release beginning on January 1st - the entire month will be focused on VBS with reviews, side-by-side comparison chart, my Top Ten VBS for 2012 Countdown and posts on all things VBS . . . all beginning in just 23 days . . . stay tuned!

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