Wednesday, December 7, 2011

VBS 2012 . . . I Just Got My SKY Kit from Group . . .

Sky - 2012 Easy VBSIn just a few weeks my 2012 VBS reviews will begin! The entire month of January I'll be focusing on VBS with complete reviews, a side-by-side comparison chart, my Top Ten Countdown and posts with info on finding your best VBS "fit" for your church, recruiting, training, promoting your VBS, other ways/places to use VBS and so much more!

Yesterday my Sky VBS from Group arrived . . . there are some exciting new things in this kit and a number of things I'm really looking forward to sharing with you, so . . . stay tuned . . . only 24 days until my 2012 VBS reviews begin!!!!


  1. Will you be reviewing additional curriculums again this year? If so, sure would like to know what you think about Sonlight Express from Bogard Press.

  2. I will be reviewing a lot of vbs resources this year - not sure if Bogard will be one of them - maybe.

  3. Looking forward to your yearly VBS reviews.